Mimekmi is a Brisbane-based label established in 2017. 


Mackenzie Clark began the design process for whilst completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion Design) graduate collection. 


After graduating from the Queensland University of Technology, Mackenzie decided to explore opportunities to produce a select few pieces from her graduate portfolio for a commercial market. 

With a focus on youthful styling and softly coloured hues, Mimekmi is sincere in its desire to merge ‘cool girl’ aesthetic with easy to wear pieces. Easily recognisable by its playful fabric choices and an effeminately naive colour palette, Mimekmi combines the best of ‘girly-girl’ caricature with the practicality of streetwear items. Committed to an unfussy style of dress, these pieces are designed to be worn effortlessly and practically, by any girl.


At heart, this series (and those that follow) are curated to include less than 10 items for consumer simplicity. Forming an aesthetic continuity, these select series will be released throughout the year to meet seasonal demands. 


“I have always wanted to build a brand with a small range of well-thought out pieces that are design forward, yet accessible and easy to wear for all occasions.” - Mackenzie Clark, Mimekmi